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If you did not already purchase pre-packaged school supplies, on-line through Staples in June, you can take the list for your child's grade to any Staples store and the staff will assist you in finding the items on the list.   You can, of course, purchase school supplies at any store of your choosing. 




If you already have some of the items on the list at home, it is not necessary that you buy them again (last year’s scissors will still work this year, and that slightly used pencil can be resharpened!).

Regular/English Program


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ENG Grade 2

ENG Grade 3

ENG Grade 4

ENG Grade 5

ENG Grade 6

ENG Grade 7

French Immersion Progarm

FI Kindergarten

FI Grade 1

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FI Grade 3

FI Grade 4

FI Grade 5

FI Grade 6

FI Grade 7